Welcome to the training website for building up a church life in the homes.

      1) If you want to learn about the burden of this training, please click here.

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      3) If you wish to host this training in your home and find two or three people as helpers to care for new ones, please register here.

Building Up the Church Life in the Homes

Training and Exercise (1)

From Gospel Contacts to Vital Companions


Do you want to see living, vital, fruitful church life in the homes?

Do you want to see new ones built up in your homes?

Do you want to see the saints in your home/district related as vital groups?

*A training and exercise conducted in YOUR OWN HOME

*A training and exercise conducted by YOU

*A training and exercise specifically aimed at bringing NEW ONES into the VITAL GROUPS

The training and exercise consists of twelve weeks of commitment, during which time the NEW ONES will be cared for and linked up with individual saints (your HELPERS). By the end, these related indivduals (HELPERS + NEW ONES) will become VITAL GROUPS.

The course comprises 2 elements:

                A training session of once a week, with all the HELPERS and NEW ONES participating, going through topics for new believers,

                A daily practice between the HELPERS and the NEW ONES where HELPERS call up or meet up with NEW ONES in the principle of the VITAL GROUP.

If you are interested in sponsoring such a training and exercise in your home, please sign up here. There is a 4-hour orientation here and a package available for download here. It will be very EASY. The orientation and package will explain how to start the training and exercise in your home.

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